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Been a while

It has been a while, when I looked upon my yesterday and reflected the days that were. I know there is not much meaning in these days. It is all just plain simple political dirt slinging matches, everyday, when my boss hurls his dust on me and I reciprocate. These are meaningless days, meaningless times, and meaningless worlds. The only saving grace is he. Though he is not of my inclination and though he does not need to empathise me, it is only his virtuous nature that he tends to me in a delicate manner, and makes sure that he does not step on the line, that hurts me. What can I say. He is my God.

Started writing this thesis about Subjective Religion, trying to incorporate the institution of subjective religion, specially in Hinduism. The issue with Hinduism is not of renaissance but before that, is reformation. The Hindu conscience must revisit the present, past, self, others and reflect deeply on these issues, meditate, find solutions, and put in sincere effort for a reformation. But the Hindus just do not have this attitude. They reflect the arrogance of the German Socialist Party and pretend the wisdom of ancient sages. Pointless. And all that they do have become is plain simple ritualists, doing their chores, without any understanding on what is happening and worse, even with out the simple curiosty to know what is happening. With their conscientious ignorance and sincere stupidity, they want to create their civilisation. Foolishness.

God’s Agenda for me is clear. He put forth before me, Resistance, Hindu Resistance Phase, the first one. Then he put forth the Reformation Phase, the kind of reformation days, that happened before Renaissance and the kind of Reforms akin to the Lutheran Reforms of the Protestant Church. There ain’t any wrong in borrowing and inculcating good principles. As a matter of principle, it is a very honest gesture and mature reaction. So I plan to go ahead with my Hindu Reformation. And the first step is this Thesis of Subjective Religion.

And comes the last part. The He part. I am very thankful to God that I can see him everyday, I can hear him everyday, and I can even help him out in his day to day work. Either it is greeks bearing gifts or natural serendipity, I have no idea. But I just live for these moments that bring me near him. And the rest of the time, I enjoy his absence. Like Emily Dickinson says “To lose thee, is sweeter than to gain thee”. And the bright side of this darkness is this. I am missing him. And that is a very very good situation, than missing no one. God has been kind to me. He presented me in the reality, a person, whom I really miss.


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